Quirky, Gritty & Magical; New Orleans, LA

Quirky, Gritty & Magical; New Orleans, LA


In honor of Super Bowl Sunday and the fact that next year's game will be in NOLA....I thought it was time to share our visit there this past December! New Orleans has been a bucket list item for some time, especially after my sister married my brother-in-law who's from Baton Rouge, LA. The pictures just didn't do it justice though. It's a place you have to experience in person at least once in your life!!

I truly believe that images can convey so much, it's why I love photography so much! However, the addition of sounds and smell can take everything to the next level! Your senses are immediately overwhelmed by the smells and sounds of New Orleans as soon as you get close to Canal Street and beyond. I think it's a combination of the Mississippi river, food, alcohol and history. It all combines to create this magical mixture that permeates every bit of the city!

We spent three days in NOLA and I think we saw all the items on our "Must See" list compiled prior to boarding the plane. If you're planning to visit I have a few tips for you. 

  • Go in December, the weather is pretty much perfect! Unless you love blazing heat and humidity, December is relatively cool. The highs during the day were around 65 degrees and lows were in the 40's/50's. 
  • Utilize the trolleys! But, don't pay each time you board. Download the app LePass and get a multi-day ticket. All you have to do is show your QR code on the app and board. Big easy, peasy:)
  • Find a way to eat at Mother's Restaurant. Good prices, amazing food! The breakfast biscuit was the size of my face!
  • Don't take your valuables to Bourbon Street at night. I'm not saying it's unsafe, I'm also not saying it's a playground ;) Always be aware....
  • Bring cash if you're going to eat at Cafe Dumond. They only take cash and I had to pay an outrageous ATM fee across the street. 
  • Try to do a Ghost Walking Tour! They are both fun and informative. There are many tour companies to choose from, all about the same price. 
  • Definitely try to walk around a cemetery. However, keep in mind that at present; Lafayette Cemetary No.1 is closed for renovations. It's the most famous of them in NOLA and is located in the Garden District. We went to Lafayette Cemetary No.2, and it was in a sketchy area of town. We were hyper observant and aware of our surroundings the entire time!! 
  • HAVE FUN!!!! Understand before you go that New Orleans is gritty. It's not Paris or NYC. It's full of history and some very eclectic residents. Respect that and you'll have a great time!!
Have a great week ahead friends!

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