Life Lately.....

Life Lately.....

Life lately.....

MAKING - chocolate chip cookies

CRAVING - snow!!!!

LEARNING - how to partially renovate a bathroom with my person

GOING TO - New Orleans in EIGHT days!!!

WORKING ON - my Christmas list

OBSESSED WITH - Taylor and Travis....I'm a sucker for love ;)

PLANNING - to host Christmas this year

EXCITED FOR - 2024 :)

HOPING - for peace in Israel and Ukraine :(

STARTING - to plan for something very special.....

FINISHING - As always....a bottle of moscato :)

 I hope you're having a good Thanksgiving weekend!
I haven't been around her much this has been rather busy.
But...the holidays are just around the corner and I've got some new film to share!
So expect to see more posts in December <3
Jenn xoxo

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