Film! Film! Film!

Film! Film! Film!


I've been teasing about film for quite awhile. I finally sent off a few rolls last week and boyyyyy!!!! I am so shocked! I had zero expectations on what would make it's way back to me. I was prepared for blank or blurry images. I was not prepared to love almost every frame that came back. 

Now, there were some crap images....and when you're paying around $13 a roll to develop, you do NOT want crap images. I also had these rolls so long that I don't remember exactly which film type I used and which camera! I can tell you that I was primarily shooting with Kodak, Fuji Film and some random Walgreens brand. The cameras used were my Canon Power Shot and Canon Rebel G that was gifted from my friends husband years ago :)

Moving forward, I'll be more selective about what I'm shooting -- will only shoot at locations where I may have maybe 2 events on a roll and I will be keeping a log book of the camera used. I have 4 (!) film cameras in rotation right now as I'm still trying to figure out which one gives me the best output. 

As for developing, I used MPix this time. I want to try Find Lab next. But Mpix was very efficient, communicative and easy to use. I'll let you know how the other lab works out. Probably will have a new batch in the next month :)

Thanks and have a great weekend friends!

Jenn xoxo

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