Solitude // It's Good For The Soul

Solitude // It's Good For The Soul


Solitude is the strength of being alone. It's where we become our best company. ~Jay Shetty

I hope that life is good for you. I hope that the break in the weather is good for you. I know it's good for me! We've been on the go a lot lately and solitude is something that I've been leaning into. Time to gather my thoughts. To contemplate and categorize all that this season is bringing me. It's about to get busier over the next few months and I'm eager to embrace the chaos as gracefully as I can. I've felt my emotions peaking as of late, and I don't like it. 

So, I'm taking time to do things that are able to bring me back to center. I'm making it a point to not always be "available" and to instead practice self-care. Things like reading my kindle every night before bed, listening to music with my earbuds in instead of all around me, eating healthier, drinking 64oz or more of water daily, taking my vitamins religiously, creating with my camera daily, face masks and pretty lotions weekly. All these little things are done in solitude and it feels good!

Cheers to another week friends, I hope you are practicing moments of solitude in your life too. The world is crazy and we should find time for quiet :)

Be well,

Jenn xoxo

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