Grapes & Apples & Sunflowers // End of August Abundance

Grapes & Apples & Sunflowers // End of August Abundance


We realized Friday evening as we were planning out our weekend that we hadn't visited Cullipher Farm yet this summer! We usually go and pick strawberries but for whatever reason we didn't get there this year. So we set our alarms early and headed out the door at 8:30am so we could beat the August heat. I'd love to say that it was cool and lovely, but even at 9am the humidity was thick :/ But that's what it's like around Coastal Virginia this time of the year and you just have to go with it!

We cut through the apple orchard on our way to the sunflower field and I was able to practice with my Lensbaby Soft Focus II. My goal the remainder of this year and into 2024 is to master these lenses as I'm in love with the artistic glow and swirl that they can create. The learning curve is high on them but I'm up for the challenge!

I hope you enjoy the view -- I'm hoping to blog more this coming weekend and write more. I've got a bit of writers block right now so gradually easing myself back into this medium and still finding my words:)

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