Life Lately

Life Lately


Life lately.....

MAKING - Iced matcha lattes with vanilla cold cream

CRAVING - A trip to Italy and Portugal

PLAYING - With film and my polaroid SX-70

LISTENING TO -  Taylor Swift; Speak Now (Taylor's Version)

WATCHING - Deadloch & Hijack

WEARING - Crocs sandals; and they are the BEST!

LEARNING - To live with someone again and about compromise:)

GOING TO - See Indiana Jones: Dial of Destiny

WORKING ON - My print shop!

OBSESSED WITH - Threads ;)

PLANNING - A trip to New Orleans this coming December!

EXCITED FOR - The Chris Stapleton concert this coming Friday night!

HOPING - The weather will break soon - this heat is unbearable :/

STARTING - To get back into the habit of moving my body for health....

FINISHING - A bottle of moscato :)

I hope you are surviving summer!
These fuchsia were take up in Scranton, PA at our last visit.
I need to buy one, they are so beautiful aren't they?
Stay cool friends,
Jenn xoxo

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