Elizabethan Gardens//Manteo, NC

Elizabethan Gardens//Manteo, NC


M and I took a mini vacation to the Outer Banks this past week and !whew! was it much needed:) I moved in with him in March and it's pretty much been non-stop since then. If it's not been me unpacking boxes and bags, it's both of us working on house projects. So, this little getaway was so great!

We have an Airbnb that we stay at whenever we go down there, located in Kill Devil Hills about 2 blocks off that main road. It's the lower level of a house and we always feel so at home here...Cameron and Dixie are super hosts and very hands off. Letting us come and go as we need, not hovering at all. We love it and will always use them whenever we can! You can find them at Under The Rays on the site.

We didn't really have a huge to-do list this time around. We kinda got screwed over by the weather as it never got above 65* each day and was very windy. We did want to check out the Elizabethan Gardens in Manteo so we headed over there on day one. You guys! I cannot recommend this place enough. It's simply stunning! Winding paths that take you to different parts of the garden, featuring beautiful hydrangea bushes, rose bushes, magnolia trees, a butterfly house (it was empty at this time) and a water overlook. Entry is $12pp and you can bring your dog in for an extra $3. 

Definitely check it out if you find yourself vacationing in the OBX anytime soon!

Heads up! This is an image intense post...but aren't they all lately?!

Jenn xoxo

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