Life Lately // A List

Life Lately // A List


Hello friends, welcome to September! How is it September? Howwwww? Have you noticed that the older we get, the faster it all seems to go? Weeks, months, yearsss? I won't say I'm disapointed that the summer months are going fast though;) I'm just not built for summer. 

Now fall...well if you've been around these parts for awhile, you know that's my jam! Bring on on all the crisp days where you need a sweater in the hot sunshine. Where a steaming cup of tea or coffee feels good on your chilly hands as a cool breeze whips your hair around! Boots!! Gimme all the boots! Mine are lined up, like soldiers...ready to be called up to duty. 

They. Are. Ready. 

And so am I. Now, I would be remiss to dismiss the entire season of summer so there are some things that I will miss. Like fresh produce and fruits. Flowers blooming everywhere. The smell of honeysuckle. Evening light that lasts till 9pm. Cold beers on a hot day. Watermelon! Sticking your toes in the salty surf and watching the pelicans dip and glide along the waves. Sundresses. 

But like every year prior, those memories fade as the cooler temps settle in and my list of fall favorites take the forefront. I'm glad I live in an area that experiences all the seasons. I look forward to each and every one of them for their own special reasons:)

As the title says - here's a list of life lately. Tell me some of yours in the comments!

MAKING - chocolate chip cookies while watching football

CRAVING - a visit to NYC!

PLAYING - heardle every day. It's addictive;)

LISTENING TO -  Harry Styles new CD. It's just so good!

READING - Nowhere for Long

WEARING - a wrist guard as I'm pretty sure I have carpal tunnel in my left wrist :(

LEARNING - to balance time by myself along with time with friends and my guy. Not easy.

GOING TO - somewhere with clear blue water in January. Location TBD!

WORKING ON - perfecting my film camera. Digital has made me lazy. 

OBSESSED WITH - snap'd chips. OMG! Have you had them? Go. Thank me later;)

PLANNING - to host Thanksgiving with my guy this year. 

EXCITED FOR - The Little Mermaid live movie!

HOPING - that I can get back into strength training soon and not hurt myself. I miss lifting weights!

STARTING - to Xmas shop. I refuse to get caught at the last minute this year. I want to be thoughtful with my gifts:)

Thanks for visiting -- I hope you're having a great weekend!


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