Nobody Puts Lensbaby In The Corner....

Nobody Puts Lensbaby In The Corner....


For my birthday, I was gifted a new lens for my camera and boyyyyy is she fun! I've been looking at a lensbaby lens for months now and just couldn't decide which one I wanted to start with. Then they came out with their newest lens the Soft Focus II and I was smitten:) We decided to purchase the optic version along with the Composer Pro II. This will allow me to add different optics in the future (when my bank account will allow;) The Composer Pro II also allows you to tilt and swivel the lens body, which will move the area of focus. This is the tricky part -- focus is very, very challenging! As you will see below, I didn't always nail it.

Shooting a F2.5/2.8 will give you an very artistic, ethereal glow to your images. It's hard to master and I'm practicing as much as possible! My sweet spot for now is at F4/F5.6 -- there's crispness to your intended subject with a lot of bokeh in the background! 

I can't wait to purchase another lens, I'm eyeing the Burnside 35 right now and we'll see what the rest of 2022 brings:) If you've ever thought about adding this artistic lens to your arsenal, I can't recommend them enough! It will take your creativity to the next level!

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