Lions + Tigers + Bears...Oh my!

Lions + Tigers + Bears...Oh my!


Well, in all honesty. We didn't see any tigers or bears...they must have been on vacation! But...our visit to the Norfolk Zoo this past summer was so overdue and it was a great day!

Full confession: I've lived in Norfolk/Virginia Beach since 1984ish. I graduated HS here, went off to college (Radford University) from here, came back permanently after college and left only for 2 years in the early 2000's. Know how many times I've visited this zoo? 

O N C E 

I know. was in 1987!!! I was babysitting for the summer and I dragged 3 kids into Norfolk for the day. So much has obviously changed in these years, but one thing that remains is the joy that a trip to the zoo brings. It's also as if the animals are aware that they are on display and actually pose for you. 

Here's my take on the Norfolk Zoo, hope you enjoy:)

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