Take Me Back....Please!

Take Me Back....Please!

A few weeks ago...I packed up my blow-up bed, beach chair, umbrella, bathing suit, coffee (priorities, right?!) and not much else and headed to the OBX to spend time with my friends. They invited me to join them on the backend of their vacation in Kitty Hawk and it was much needed.

Life the past 3 months has been....interesting. I've dealt with some heartbreak, then COVID hit full force and work has been a challenge to say the least. I needed to get away and just put my feet in the sand and have the hot sun on my body. I needed to leave my worries and sadness behind and just BE. I needed salt air and friends who are like family...and that's exactly what I got.

We stayed at The Outer Banks Motor Lodge and it was perfect. This place is not a 5-Star joint...at all! And ya know what? Those usually make the best places to stay. I've travelled all over Europe and the quaint, back-alley inns with the bathroom down the hall always ended up being the best experience. So, while I love the idea of 1000+ count sheets and crystal chandeliers...this was much better suited for that end of the summer, weekend getaway. 

We laughed, ate steamed shrimp + Caprese salad, drank Bold Rock hard ciders, watched the sun set and then rise the next morning. I woke up extra early (5:45am!) and padded down the sand to sit in God's glory and watch a new day begin. I had a mixture of sadness and happiness in that moment as the sun cracked through the cloud cover and I just let it all wash over me. Being still and in your emotions is hard sometimes, but it's like an exhale and ya girl needed that exhale desperately:)

Then, for two days we sat on the beach under umbrellas watching the kids play in the surf, dogs run up and down the shoreline, eating cheez-its, cookies and pimento cheese sandwiches...all washed down with cold water. I actually read a little - which if you know me is something -- I'm a little distracted and it usually takes me 6 months to read a book!!

I also took this weekend as an opportunity to really get a test-run on my new camera. In June I made the decision to upgrade my camera gear and I was able to purchase a used Canon 5D MarkII for an amazing price. I had reached the limit of learning on my old Canon Rebel and it was beyond time to move forward. I've wanted a full-frame camera for years but the price-tag just wasn't feasible....at all! But sometimes, serendipity intervenes and you just have to go for it. I'm so glad I went for it too! I have much to learn and I can't wait to take it on some adventures this fall! I hope you enjoy the images I've shared here today.....

As Summer 2020 closes out in the coming weeks, I really hope that I'm able to get back to the beach at least one more time. I feel at home by the water. It comforts me and brings me back to center when I'm near it. I hope YOU have had a great summer, even with all that has occurred with this virus. We cannot stop living our lives, but we do have to make some adjustments. Yet, with those adjustments...we can still spend time with those that matter the most to us in a place that brings a smile to your face...guaranteed :)

Take care and have a great first week of September friends!

Jenn xoxo

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