Sunday Roundup, 6

Sunday Roundup, 6

Happy Sunday friends! It's September! It's finally cooler! I can smell Fall! I hear my boots calling my name! Can you tell I'm excited?! Are my exclamation points stressing you out?!!!


Anywho. How are you? I am good. All things could be much worse, so I count myself rather blessed at the moment:) Without further ado, let's dive into todays roundup since it's been a hot minute....
  • My last post was about a local teahouse and I've been investigating the health benefits of tea. I'm a confirmed coffee addict, but I'd like to cut back. If interested, this article is good for learning how tea can help you. -- via Eat Right Org
  • As if the pandemic isn't enough, poor California (and most of the west coast in general) is having to deal with these awful fires. Prayers for everyone affected. -- via HuffPost
  • Are you watching Yellowstone? Holy smokes! Talk about disfunctional!!! WOW! -- via IMDb
  • There are so many talented artists out there...but sometimes you stumble upon something that kinda stops you dead in your tracks and you're all "I kinda love this!". For me it was Pascal Campion. Go look for yourself! -- via Facebook
  • I swear, Carin makes me want to sell all my belongings and move to Paris:) So dreamy... -- via Paris in Four Months
  • When you say Japan you might also say "cats". Hello Kitty, the first cat cafes...but apparently there is also a deep seated fear of cats in Japanese culture. Who knew? Read more about it here. -- via The Smithsonian
  • I'm not one to get political in this space. But can we all agree that there is something seriously wrong with this man? -- via The Slate
  • I'm going to attempt a pavlova soon! No, it's not some Russian ice skating move. Check out Linda's blog to see some beautiful, sweet, swirly yumminess! -- via Call Me Cupcake

Ok friends. That's all I've got for you this fine Sunday evening. I hope this week is everything you want it to be. I visited Fort Monroe last night with a friend and took some great photographs! Look for a post on that sometime this coming week:)

Be happy!

Jenn xoxo

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