Sunday Roundup, 2

Sunday Roundup, 2

Hello you. How are you? Did you survive the week? You're here so I'm guessing you did!  I look at every day that I don't lose my ever loving mind a total win!!!

This summer is going to look so very different than others, isn't it? I haven't been to NC to visit my parents since Christmas and I don't know when I'll get back down there. This shot of the marina in New Bern has me reminiscing about warm summer breezes, Saturday boat rides on the Neuse River and cornflower blue skies. 

Everyone take a collective deep breath...... we'll get through this, I know we will.

Without further ado, here are a few things that peaked my interest this past week. 

  • With the need for masks (PPE) at an all-time high, Etsy saw a huge spike in sales. I work for a healthcare system and have experienced front-line executive leadership scrambling to keep our employees safe. It's a sad state of things and you wouldn't believe the money we've had to shell out to get simple, basic protection. Thank you to the sellers on Etsy for coming through for the average person!!! -- via The Verge

  • Speaking of fish, looks like it might be one of two choices at your friendly fast food drive-thru for awhile. Filet-O-Fish anyone?! - via The Hustle 

  • Oh dear. Our poor cats. They are definitely struggling with their humans being home so much! I know mine love it, but then again my cats are defective. -- via Buzzfeed

  • Self Care during this pandemic is so important. If you are a bit of a sensitive soul, Renee is an expert on that. Go give her some love <3 -- via Will Frolic For Food

  • Bagels. Yum right? Straight to the hips, right? I know. But...there's a 2 ingredient bagel recipe out there that I've tried before and it's seriously awesome! I made mine with cherry greek yogurt and it took them to a whole new level. Try it, you'll love them! -- via Better Homes & Gardens

Ok my dear friends. That's all I've got for this week. I hope you are surviving the quarantine and keeping your spirits high. If you need a pep-talk I'm here, reach out anytime!

Jenn xo

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