Sunday Roundup, 1

Sunday Roundup, 1

Hello Friends!

I last posted a year ago. It's been an.....interesting year. Something I'll delve into on another post in the future! But first off... How the hell are you?! Are you surviving these unusual days? What is your new normal looking like? For's a lot of alone time as I've been working from home for the past 3 weeks now. Luckily, I'm not living in fear of losing my so many are....and that is definitely something to be thankful for. So please know, I don't take anything for granted. But I must confess, I am struggling with this new way of life. I'm 100% positive that I am not a good candidate for working from home every single day. I think I could get on board with a 3 day a week schedule...going into the office 2 days a week. But not all 5. I'm kinda lonely:(

So, with time on my hands lately, I really wanted to get back to me. To what gives me passion and that is my photography and this lil ol blog. I've neglected it A LOT. But in looking back on previous posts, I'm really proud of the work I put in and my goal is to move forward with it and nurture my creative self. During this pandemic, I find myself draining the iPad battery and devouring everything the internet has to offer. I also am finishing ALL of my guilty pleasure shows! Shows that I fell away from when it was on live fresh content for me! More about that below....

Back to scouring the internet. While soaking up what felt like everything in my brain, I thought it might be fun to share a few things I've come across with you:) I’ll try to do this most Sundays or Mondays moving forward, a kind of recap from the week prior. 

Without further ado....

  • Mindy Kaling has a new show she's produced on Netflix -- I started watching it this week and it's super cute:) Go check out Never Have I Ever -- via The Verge
  • What is Quibi? I keep seeing ads for it on IG or Facebook and I'm really not sure what we are dealing with here. I'll be honest, I googled it and here is what I found out. Still not sure, but if you sign up now you get 2 weeks free. Lemme know if you like it. -- via The Verge
  • Are you a morning person? I am not. And after reading this article...I'm still not. #sorrynotsorry -- via Medium
  • I've been in a serious relationship for awhile now, it's definitely had it's challenges but the main thing we have going for us is communication and just feeling comfortable being weird with each other.  This article talks about being with someone who does "These 5 Things" and it's pretty damn insightful :) -- via Medium
  • Since we're all stuck home (for the most part) it can get pretty mundane. Are you into puzzles? They are making a big comeback right now and if you want to up your game check these out! -- via Buzzfeed
  • My ladies....are you struggling with not eating everything during this quarantine and are you beating yourself up for not losing weight right now? TRUST me, I get it. It's a vicious cycle we put ourselves through. This article is a soothing balm and made me realize that I'm beautiful regardless of the number on the scale or my pants:) -- via Girl With Curves
  • ~ SWOON ~ I can't even begin to describe my love and admiration for Jamie Beck. I've been a huge fan of her photography for years, she truly is what I aspire to be when I grow up;) She and her little family are living in Provence right now and during the lockdown she's coined the #isolationcreation hashtag on IG. Her work is just stunning. I'll admit I've purchased two of her prints so far! Go ahead...drool away, I won't tell anyone! - via Instagram
  • Finally...I've been following What's Gaby Cooking for years on IG and she just came out with a new cookbook! I pre-ordered it back in the Fall and it was delivered yesterday. Such good stuff and she's hilarious! Go give her a follow and check out her recipes...they are awesome! -- Via Instagram

So, there it is. My first post in 2020....hopefully one of many more to come. I'm not sure what my schedule will look like here, I'm not holding myself to any specific timelines or structure right now. It will be a free-flow for the time being and I think I can definitely get behind that!

Have a fantastic week friends and please...stay safe and well :)

Jenn xo

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