Do You Dalgona? // Lists Lists Lists!

Do You Dalgona? // Lists Lists Lists!

MAKING - Dalgona Coffee. Because are you really quarantining if you're not making this or Sourdough bread?!

CRAVING - Sourdough bread ;)

PLAYING - Words With Friends. Trying to keep those synapses firing at all cylinders!

LISTENING TO -  The Highway on Sirius XM on my Amazon Echo.

READING - What's Gaby Cooking Cookbook

WATCHING - Outlander and re-watching Witches of East End

WEARING - Anything spandex lately!!!

LEARNING - Be patient with my relationship and choose my battles ;)

GOING TO - Go crazy if I have to stay home much longer!!!

WORKING ON - My photography skills

OBSESSED WITH - Jamie Beck's #isolationcreation series on Instagram

PLANNING - To blog A LOT this summer ;)

EXCITED FOR - The photography course with Eva Kosmasflores (First We Eat) that I signed up for!

HOPING - That COVID will ease off and we can have a somewhat enjoyable summer.

STARTING - Miss my fellow employees that I used to spend 8 hours a day with at the office.

FINISHING - A bottle of Poggio Moscato tonight and then moving onto Winking Owl Sweet Red tomorrow ;)

I  hope that you are all doing well!
Tell me some of the things that you are craving, playing and learning during this quarantine time:)
Jenn xo

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