Wanderlust // The Noland Trail

Wanderlust // The Noland Trail

Fall is where it's at for me. I love this season so much. Cooler temperatures (usually;), sweaters and colorful trees. I mean....it's just so pretty! Like someone took a paintbrush full of the amber/red/gold section of the paint store and dripped it all over the place. I'll take it :)

But, it's been very slow to show it's colors here in Coastal Virginia. It's November and still in the 70's - although I hear that's finally coming to an end - so our trees have been hanging on for what seems like forever. This past Saturday I was determined to find some foliage and not have to drive to the western part of the state, so in my quest to take day-trips I decided to visit the Noland Trail, which is a part of The Mariner's Museum in Newport News, VA. It's only about 30 minutes from Norfolk and I've always heard some great things about it!

I will say that just googling "directions to Noland Trail" will give you a very sketchy route that puts you on Bob's Road and probably an axe murderer's backyard:/ Just look up the official site of the trail and punch in the address they give you....trust me....it will make you less stressed!! But, once I got to the correct place I decided to follow the road down to Lion's Bridge at the suggestion of a friend who lives up there. Perfect idea Kerrie! Very few cars and it's a great trail that isn't too twisty or steep for this non-hiker who stopped every 5 minutes to take pictures;)

I hope you enjoy this glimpse of Fall in Virginia as much as I did.... This post is pretty image heavy...there was so much beauty to see. Now let's bring on Winter and some decent snow!!!!

Just kidding....or am I?????? ;)

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