My Norfolk // Slover Library

My Norfolk // Slover Library

I decided to take the week of Thanksgiving off from work because well....I needed a break! I also hadn't taken a 1 week vacation in forever. Even though I had no plans to go out of town, I knew that I wasn't going to spend 9 straight days in the house either. That's worse than working!!! So I got out:)

One of the places I love in Norfolk is Slover Library in the middle of downtown. It's a mix of modern and vintage melded together with old stone, glass and steel. Strategically placed magenta lighting adds a nice touch also....and the Christmas tree in the lobby was lovely.

I spent a few hours there editing some family pictures that I shot over the weekend for a friend...since the internet was wonky at my house that day. It's super quiet (as libraries should be!) and every time I'm there I have the overwhelming urge to be naughty and run up the aisles and be loud:) Must be the inner rebel coming out in me later in life!

What's one of your favorite escape locations in your city??!!

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