A Song, A Book, A Quote, A Look

A Song, A Book, A Quote, A Look

I haven't done this series in awhile....so here's 4 of my favorites right now!

1. A Song -- This song was introduced to me by my sister and it's incredibly catchy! Pure POP and sometimes that's just what you need:) I also really love Demi Lovato and can't wait for her to put out a new CD!

2. A Book -- Another rec from my sister! A story about a young lady navigating her new life after a big weight loss...and trying to find her true self. Cathy Lamb is a great author...I can't recommend this book enough.

3. A Quote -- Ahhhh Hagrid. I'm a true Harry Potter fan and always find JK Rowlings words comforting and timely. We can't see what's coming and we just have to know that we are equipped to handle it all :)

4. A Look -- I'm loving the embroidered shirt look paired with jeans. It's so very Mexico in the summer time. I need to find this look and soon :)


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