The Local Farmer's Market // Suffolk, VA

The Local Farmer's Market // Suffolk, VA

I'll be the first to admit it....Walmart is convenient. It pains me to say I hate giving my hard earned money to a monopoly that makes millions and doesn't pay it's employees that well.'s the convenience thing, ya know? Yet.....

One place that I'm determined to spend more time and money at this summer is the local farmer's market. I fully subscribe to supporting your local businesses and putting fresh, organic food on my table. This includes hand made wax candles, local honey, jams and bakes goods!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing the opening day of the city of Suffolk's Farmer's Market. Local vendors sold their delicious foods and quality home-made wares. There was a petting-zoo for the kids (and adults;), the mobile library and a lot of dogs!!! We couldn't have asked for a better day weather wise...the sun shined and it was a comfortable 60 degrees with a slight breeze. The clouds rolled in later that morning, but spared us any rain....which I believe contributed to the fantastic turnout of almost 450 people! It just proves that others enjoy what the Farmer's Market has to offer and given quality choices, will get up early on a Saturday morning to spend their time there:)

Enjoy some of the images I captured below...and have a great week everyone!

<3 Jenn

The fabulous staff of the Suffolk Tourism Department, which hosts the Saturday market every week!!

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  1. Loved some of your shots here! I agree about the convenience of the big chain stores, but I, like you, much prefer to support local business and farming every chance I get! It's just the better way to shop and everything is usually better quality. :)


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