Do You Zenni?! // That Time I Got New Glasses

Do You Zenni?! // That Time I Got New Glasses

It only took 4 decades...but I'm finally part of the cool kids club (at least I think glasses are cool;) and I have prescription glasses. In all honesty, I probably should have had them about 2 years ago....but damn! They are not cheap:/

I don't know about you, but I just don't have an extra $200-$300 laying around and if I did, it would likely pay off a bill or go toward a vacation fund:) So, I put off filling my prescription for 6 months...I knowwww......ugh. So, I went back to the eye doctor and did some research online. I loved the look of the Warby Parker site but again....$200+ once the prescription is loaded. I need progressive lenses for bi-focals (I know, grandma status;) and that can really add up.

That's when I found Zenni glasses! The site is super easy to navigate, you can do a virtual setup where you can get an idea of what the glasses will look like on you and the prices....wonderful! Now, are they top brand designer glasses? No. Are they going to last for years and years? No. But, for a starter pair they are just what I needed.

I purchased the progressive lens bifocals in the tortoise shell style. Love the look and they fit perfectly. Now, if you've gone from no glasses to suddenly wearing progressives...there is a definite learning period. Also a period of crying and saying "I will never be able to wear these...." and for me...immense nausea. It probably took me about 2.5 weeks to finally get used to them and even now, over a month out...when I first put them on in the morning it takes me a minute to get situated. They still make me feel like I'm on a boat at time.

I also discovered that I continued to have a hard time with using my phone or reading a book. I couldn't find that sweet spot and the page would be a combination of crisp and blurred words all on the same line. I just couldn't. So, back to the site I went and I bought a pair of reading glasses in my near prescription. They offer them at check-out but it wasn't until later that I discovered I needed them.

Now those purple lovelies sit next to my chair at home and I use them every night. Such a difference! Plus....PURPLE!!! So, I'm sure you want to know pricing....and I'll gladly share with you what I paid for both!

The progressives (tortoise shell style) cost me a total of $83.... !!! The purple reading glasses were $38. I can't beat that! At that price....I can buy one or two more pairs or a nice pair of sunglasses soon. And, if one pair should break....I won't feel distraught about having to replace them. One thing I will definitely choose next time is the no smudge, no fingerprint glass. Ugh...constantly using the cleaning cloth to get smudges off of them. It's about $20 extra and I now feel that it's totally worth it.

So...if you are like me and need new glasses but don't want to pay a ridiculous amount for them...I can't recommend Zenni enough! Go forth and shop --->


***This is in no way a paid post, I just really like Zenni! Can't recommend them enough!
But, if they'd like to send me some free glasses to try out and have me critique them.....
By all me Zenni!!!! *****

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