Summer is here. You can tell from the drastic change in temperature. And my hair!! I've got a built in barometer growing out of my head. Super cold = super straight, perfect curls. Super humid = DISASTER!!!

This coming season is going to be about changes for me. Something I'm really looking forward to. I'm someone who gets bored if life becomes too complacent. And lately...I've been bored. So, I'm making some big health decisions over this season...the first being my first prescription for glasses!

I've gone 40+ years being the only one in my family that doesn't wear someone who suddenly needs them! And not just single vision lenses...ohhhh no....I need BIFOCALS!! Talk about a slap in the face that shocks you into realizing your age. But that's ok...cause age is just a number. I've never really felt my age...and people are always shocked when they learn how old I really am. So...I'll just roll with it and dive into the deep to speak!

I will say that the adjustment from readers to a full-blow prescription with progressive lenses has been a little bit of a challenge. But....I'll also say that within about 3 hours I kinda had them doing what I needed them to do. I'm sure over the next few days there will be some hiccups and maybe a headache or two....but right now...I'm just glad to have crisper vision for the most part! Yay me!!!

And if, life didn't have a budget of $200+ to spend on glasses...I strongly recommend you look into Their prices are really fantastic and the ordering is super simple. Upload your prescription information, pick your frames and any add-ons and you'll have your specs in about 1.5 weeks. Save yourself 10% by using this code ==> WELCOM05AN984N16

So, what changes are you making this summer? I'll share a few more of my plans over the coming months:) Meanwhile....enjoy these gorgeous roses that my co-workers got me for Administrative Assistants Day last week! Are they not beeeee-utiful? I love roses...such a classic flower:)

Stay Blessed,
Jenn <3

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