Saturday // A Mixed Bag of Thoughts

Saturday // A Mixed Bag of Thoughts

Happy Earth Day! 

It's a (soon to be) rainy day here in Coastal Virginia, just the kind of day that has you ensconced in your PJs listening to Amazon Prime Music and reading a good book:)

I do worry about our planet...especially with the current administration denying science and global warming:/ Right now it's the only viable home we have to live on...there are no shuttles to Mars or alternate planets. Likely there won't be any such thing in my lifetime, so I really hope that we can come together as a planet and do everything we can to take care of Mother Earth.

I've seen multiple corners of our world outside of the United States and IT IS BEAUTIFUL!! There is so much variety and beauty beyond our borders, go see it if you are able! I promise you won't be sorry for one single'll actually question why you didn't go do it earlier!!

Also, can we talk about the darling Google banner this morning? I love, love, love it! Nice job Google:)

I realized I haven't posted a recipe here in awhile, so look for something new soon! I'm trying to eat healthier, so I haven't been baking as much as before. I need to remember to chronicle the healthy options that I'm working on too....not everyone wants sweet and gooey;)

Glossier. Have you heard about this company? I've ordered a few items recently and am loving their products! I'll be doing an in depth blog post on them in definitely be on the lookout for that.

OK, that's all I have to share right now:) A quick pop in to say hello and let you know that I haven't forgotten about the blog! Excited to share much more over the summer and really get into some great projects into the Fall and Winter!

Have a great day friends,

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