My Norfolk // Colley Avenue

My Norfolk // Colley Avenue

One of the ironic things about living where I do is that I'm only 2 blocks from Colley Avenue and I just don't spend enough time there. "Colley" as it's referred to by us locals is the main restaurant, shops road that runs through our little hamlet of Ghent. It's less than 1 mile long and it has at minimum 10 restaurants and countless small business shops.

Last weekend my sister and I ventured down to our favorite eatery No Frill Bar & Grill. The weather was one of those perfect fall days....chilly when you stand still with bright, unfiltered sunshine that warms you up the longer you walk. We sat on the patio and had Funky Chicken salads, tuna melts and iced tea. It was really nice.

Afterward, we hit up my two favorite shops, A. Dodson's and Le Marche. Both were decorating for the Christmas season and it was so tempting to buy our each shop!! I'm kinda obsessed with the bird figurines with crowns on their heads....and I definitely bought one:)

So, I wonder where my camera will take me this weekend? Be sure to check back soon!!


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