Life Lately // A Sunny Sunday Walk

Life Lately // A Sunny Sunday Walk

This afternoon I met up with my sister Katie for a walk through my neighborhood. It's such a beautiful time of the year and it's a crime to not take advantage of the great weather! It will be cold before we know it and the fierce winds blowing on our faces will likely keep up indoors more.

Katie lives about 30 minutes from me now so we don't get to see each other as much as we used to when she lived down the street from me. So now days we have to make more of an effort to connect, me going to her town and then she comes into "the big city" to see me;) Life changes and it's how we learn to roll with those changes that matter most. Do I miss having her closer by? Absolutely. Am I happy she's building a family and home of her own, even if it's farther from me? Absolutely :)

One of our favorite places to walk here in Ghent, is an area called The Hague. Not to be confused with the Hague in the Netherlands....this is a neighborhood that connects to mine. It's where the swells live as my grandpa likes to say;) There were a lot of geese out along with bright blue skies, sparkling water and warm sun sifting through the trees!

The rest of the afternoon was spent grabbing lunch at a local favorite restaurant and perusing the local shops on Colley Avenue and buying goodies:) Basically a top notch Sunday!! And since you know I like are a few things that I'm loving as we go into this 2nd week of November:

  • Lazy kitties in the sun
  • Creme Brule lattes
  • The Netflix miniseries - The Fall
  • Pumpkins and orange fairy lights
  • New olive green suede booties
  • Michael Buble's new CD
  • E.L.F. lip pencils
  • Clinique moisture surge
  • Chicken quesadillas with avocado
  • Mastin Labs new iphone app - Filmborn (which all these images were taken with!)

Have a great week everyone! And don't forget to VOTE this Tuesday. This election is so important to the future of our beautiful country:)



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