My Norfolk // The Wishing Tree

My Norfolk // The Wishing Tree

This has been the longest week. And it's only Wednesday. This is not a good thing people. Why is it that some weeks seem to fly by and others crawl at a snail's pace? I don't really have an answer so I'll just whine a lil bit. I'm good at that;) One nice this is that it's been much cooler this week which has been distracting. More time spent outdoors, riding with the windows down and nicer people. Ever notice how the extreme heat makes everyone cranky? No? Just me?


One other really nice thing that I stumbled upon this week was the "Wishing Tree" in my neighborhood. The story is an elderly gentleman, who was sick of the negativity dominating our news 24/7....decided that we needed to spread kindness and love all around. How wonderful is that? He wrapped string around the trunk of a large tree and at the bottom he supplied some paper tags and markers. Everyone was encouraged to write their wishes on the tags and attach them to the tree.

Some wishes were silly and fun....but so many were profound and touching. This political season has been awash in negativity, racism, lies and much much more. It's infuriating and has really poisoned me on my opinion of our leaders. It was such a nice respite to come across this tree and the message behind it.

Despite all the crap out there in our world, this proved that there is still a lot of love and that we really do appreciate and care for each other. As it should be.....always:)

Have a great rest of the week, let's hope it flies by quickly!!


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