Life Lately // A List

Life Lately // A List

MAKING - a lot of smoothies. Fresh fruit and it's cold...perfect combo!

CRAVING - cold weather. Duhhhh ;)

PLAYING - with the idea of getting a tattoo.....

LISTENING TO -  the U.S. presidential nominees and wondering when our country went off the rails :/

READING - A Court of Thorn & Roses.....YA lit is where it's at!!!

WATCHING - Stranger Things and FREAKIN LOVING IT!!!!! Get yourself on Netflix stat!

WEARING - Estee Lauder foundation and eye shadows and feeling like I found my signature look:)

LEARNING - to navigate the tangled mess that is working the corporate life and come out unscathed....

GOING TO - be extremely happy when that first fall leaf falls from the tree :)

WORKING ON - perfecting my pour-over cup of coffee

OBSESSED WITH - my chemex carafe and pour-over coffee!!!

PLANNING - to make major health changes starting in December.....I'm ready.

EXCITED FOR - Bridge Jones Has A Baby!

HOPING - to get up to New England this fall, even if it's just NYC....but hoping for Newport, RI and Boston!

STARTING - To experiment with film....look for the "Life in Film" series to start this fall.

I hope you are all reading and watching and planning and hoping this summer!
Can you believe it's almost September?

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