Finn McD // AKA Stripes

Finn McD // AKA Stripes

My cat. 

Phinneas McGonagal. Finn. Finn McD. Stripes. Just a few of the names that he goes by. He's like the Jason Bourne of cats....multiple names and personalities. I expect he has a secret bank vault with multiple passports, Grade-A catnip and a gold handled, feather toy with a mink mouse attached to the end. 

Or maybe not.

I do know he makes me laugh daily, is extremely photogenic and loves the heat of the kitchen window. He hates tuna from the can but will come running down the hall if he hears my spoon hit the bottom of a bowl. That means either ice cream, milk or yogurt. All three his favorites!

I hope you have a fur-kid (or two like Grayson is shy) that brings you a lot of joy and laughter on the daily. They truly are great companions:)

Happy Sunday!
Jenn <3

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