Orange Tree Square // A State of the Union

Orange Tree Square // A State of the Union

The last few weeks have always....busy! But a good kind of busy, the kind of busy that has you come home, throw off your work clothes and sink into the couch each night. Barely enough energy to make, let alone eat dinner. In bed by 10 PM and it was a fight just to stay up that late! So yeah, a good kind of busy.

One of the things that I've decided over the past few weeks while decompressing each to really dedicate myself to my blog starting in July. I've neglected it so much this past year....and I really miss it. I've also decided that my photography is something that I don't want to dread...that I don't want to stress over. For that reason...I'm no longer taking on photography clients, a decision that has me breathing a little easier. I'm just too busy to dedicate the time and attention needed to meet client needs the way I would want my needs met. I love the shoot....I despise the editing and delivery process. For that reason, I know my limits and I've reached them. I'm nothing, if not transparent these days and sometimes we just need to set boundaries for ourselves!

I know I've spoken here about re-opening my Etsy shop and that is still something that I feel very strong about. It will happen and that excites me!! One of my favorite forms of photography are still-life, landscape and animal images and that is what you'll see in my shop! I'm cultivating some really great, unique prints right now and I'm super excited to share those with everyone!

So, that's my little state of the union around here:) It's a holiday weekend and I'm off from work tomorrow, what a nice respite! I'll be taking some vacation in 1.5 weeks with plans to visit family in NC so there will be some fun blog posts coming up.

I hope you are having a great summer so far and if you are one of the few who stop by Orange Tree Square, thank you. I really appreciate it and YOU :)

Stay Blessed,

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