A Life In Film & Slowing Down

A Life In Film & Slowing Down

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still. ~Dorothea Lange

Next week I'm heading down to NC to visit my parents. And I'm only bringing one camera with me, my 35mm film camera. "Are you crazy?" you might be asking. Trust me, I've asked myself the same thing over the past 24 hours as I came to this decision. But, here's the thing. You can't learn something if you just let it sit on the shelf and collect dust. Yes, digital is easy. It's instant. I love it! But my love affair with film photography is intense and it's now or never.

I've researched the best film to use based on the look I'm interested in. I've place the order and I'm anxiously awaiting these tiny little cylinders of celluloid to arrive on my door step! I've also researched where to get my images developed after all is said and done. I've narrowed it down to two online companies and may send one roll to one and the other to another...just to compare. I'll definitely be sharing all this information with you once everything is returned and I post the results.

I'm super excited and also really nervous at the same time. Film is definitely not cheap anymore and it forces you to really think about the shot. You can't delete and start over and you have no idea the outcome until much later. It forces you to slow down....and I'm trying to do that with so much of my life right now. Slow down and be selective on what I do, say and share. Who I spend my time with and what I allow to seep into my soul.

The past month has been hard on the United States. I can't remember a time prior where I've been so sad for who we've become. I went to the movies last weekend and made sure I knew exactly where the exit was....just in case. That's become a "way of life" and it scares and saddens me. We are broken right now and I'm not sure if anyone is up to the task of fixing us. But....despite the sadness, there is always hope and I'm clinging to that fervently. Part of that is the slowing down and savoring of life and all it's beauty....because it's still there, despite what the headlines scream at us.

I hope you have a safe and happy upcoming week. I won't be posting again until my return from NC...but you can definitely follow me on Instagram {orange.tree.square} and Snapchat {orangetreesqre}!

Stay Blessed,
Jenn <3

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