Norfolk Botanical Gardens { Lantern Asia Exhibit }

Norfolk Botanical Gardens { Lantern Asia Exhibit }

One of the things that I want to do more of in 2016 is visit local attractions. It's easy to get caught up in your jammers and Netflix on the weekend and before you know's Monday.

<<womp, womppp>>

When the Lantern Asia exhibit came to Norfolk's Botanical Gardens this spring...I knew it was going on the list. Yes, there's a list. Just you wait and see.... So, I wrangled together my steadfast posse and we made an evening of it complete with dinner before hand (Heyyyy No Frill Grill!!!) and coffee from WAWA afterwards:)

And it was worth it! Such a beautiful art installation that is best viewed right before sunset and then again after dark. We arrived at the gardens around 6pm and you'll see from the pictures that the sun was starting to sink in the sky. It cast a beautiful glow across the brightly colored silk lanterns and sparkled among the trees....just lovely! Then, by the time we finished the first circuit it was dark and we knew we needed to go around again and view the lights in total darkness. Magical, I tell ya!

Lucky for you, if you live close to the 757 you still have 4 more days to enjoy this event...they've extended the exhibit through Mother's Day! Just make sure you buy your tickets online before'll save money:)  Turns out that there's high demand for this coming weekend and online sales are now SOLD OUT! So, you'll have to buy your tickets at the gardens the day of...get there early!!!! And enjoy :)

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