Life Lately

Life Lately

Happy Saturday!!! Was it a good week? Did it go by quickly or did it dragggggg? Mine was a little bit of both. Monday thru Wednesday flew by...but then it seemed like Thursday and Friday lasted 7 days:/ What's that all about? Needless to say, I'm super excited for this weekend:) It's still a little chilly here in Coastal Virginia (such a nice winter we're having this spring;) and very overcast. We've had rain for days and although it's ended...the cloud cover is still there. I'm spending this Saturday cleaning my house, doing a little grocery shopping and then settling in for a movie later.

The past week...though rainy, was still able to produce some really pretty and fun images for my Instagram. I started the week off with a delicious fruit smoothie and some roses from Trader Joes! The cats were both cuddly and posers...such goofs:) I had a post end of last week about my time in New Bern, NC and then by Thursday I found myself dreaming of a day at the beach. Ahhhhh, sunshine on my skin...I cannot wait! I spend some time with my nephew Watson, who loves a good tennis ball. The sunset on a recent drive home was so beautiful:) And of course throughout the week, I enjoyed my daily coffee and the meme about pouring it over my whole life really spoke to me!

Have a great weekend friends!

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