I Could Drink A Case Of You.....

I Could Drink A Case Of You.....

Every time I looked at my computer the past 2 months....I thought "open it up and do something creative!" Every time I looked at my camera, I thought the same thing. But sometimes you just have to step back and let what will be.....be. I don't believe in pushing your creativity. If it's there it's there...if it isn't, that's okay. There are times in this journey where we have to listen to our inner voice and not just put something out there for the sake of posting.

There are so many platforms for "posting". Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat..... It's exhausting quite frankly. I got to the point sometime at the end of January where I found myself getting twitchy at the end of the day because I hadn't posted anything that day. And it felt like an obligation. Isn't that just insane??? When did our lives become so incredibly attached to technology? It scares me at times....and I have to make a real effort to not get lost in it all.

But with the spring sun and warmth has come a sort of "re-awakening" of my creative soul. I've been regular on Instagram through it all....but in regard to my SLR, I took a bit of a break. I've picked her up a few times since January and documented a couple of outings. I hope to share those with you over the coming weeks! My plan tomorrow is to get outside and capture the charming little village I live in here..... The weather is beautiful and I'm feeling positive for the first time in awhile:)

During this hiatus I've been listening to a lot of music. Some new (hello, country!! What?!?!) and some old. I've also been making a lot of smoothies in the morning...it's the easiest way for me to get a morning meal and fruit incorporated into my day. I'm sharing some pics of my home-made Dole Whips that give me liiiiiiiiiife! So refreshing and filling. Yet so simple...which is good if you're like me and like to hit the snooze button 50 million times and are rushing out the door to just make it to work on time. Yeah....I have a problem with mornings:) I excel at afternoons!!!! I'm also posting an oldie song by a newer artist. I've always loved Joni Mitchell's "A Case Of You" and this version by James Blake is just lovely. Enjoy!!

Dole Whips


2 Cups fresh pineapple. (I use frozen!)
1/4 Cup Almond Milk
1 tsp Lemon juice
1/2 Cup Cool Whip
Sweetener of your choosing
*sometimes I will add a scoop of vanilla protein powder to give it extra healthy vibes:)

Combine above ingredients in blender and serve with an extra dollop of cool which on top. Enjoy!!

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