Keeping it simple for fall....

Keeping it simple for fall....

I told myself I wasn't going to decorate for Halloween this year. But then....I changed my mind:) It's a gorgeous Saturday here in Ghent, the sun is shining, the temps are cool and everyone is feeling lazy. Sunbeams are in demand around here today and although it's definitely chillier, iced coffee is still being enjoyed!

Do you decorate for this holiday? What is your favorite holiday? I usually stay subtle for this one. Letting my true festive self (ie: Xmas freak-flag) wait until Christmas to go crazy! So, the steps are adorned with some of our little mice friends, my crystal ball is out, the pumpkins are scattered and the windows are wide open:)

What fun things are you up to this weekend?
Whatever you're doing, I hope it brings you joy!
Stay Blessed,

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