Spring...Is that you?

Spring...Is that you?

I gotta say, I didn't think you were gonna show up this year. I thought maybe we were living a live version of Game of Thrones and winter wasn't just coming, it was here and it was gonna stay. But....but!!! Yesterday, you stretched your wings, shook off the last bit of snow and took a big ol yawn like you'd been sleeping for a long, long time. {and let's face it, you had} We had a 70* day here in Virginia and it was.....GLORIOUS!!!

So, this got me thinking about Spring and Easter. One of my favorite side-dishes for Easter dinner is asparagus! Those beautiful green stalks of yumminess always make it to our family table and inevitably there's never enough! Now, do you like yours cooked al dente or soft and mushy? I'm partial to the soft and mushy variety:))

I hope this weather does stick around for awhile, if not permanently! It's my birthday month and I'd love to ring it in with sunshine and warmth:) Have a beautiful week friends, see you back here on Wednesday!


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