Monday Mash Up

Monday Mash Up

Hey! Hey! Happy Monday!! Did you all survive last weeks arctic temperatures? Crazy, wasn't it? I was trying to choose a photo for today's post and this one of poor Grayson seemed fitting. It was soooo cold last week, we couldn't get enough blankets on us! My little brownstone is very drafty and despite my best attempts at blocking the just seeps in sometimes. So yeah, we spent most of the week huddling under blankets in front of the parabolic heater sipping on hot coffee and watching Netflix!

The snow showed up on Monday night and Tuesday was a snow day! I'd hoped to go out and shoot some of the snow, but with that snow came a gross layer of ice and I just wasn't going to take the chance of falling and breaking a limb. One of my co-workers broke her ankle on New Year's Eve and she's still in a cast after surgery and non-weight bearing for at least 3 more weeks. Ugh...that just isn't an option for me right now. snow pictures {sad face}.

By Thursday night I was running a fever and fading fast. I ended up in bed all day Friday and Saturday evening I finally started to feel human again. I'm just thankful that it wasn't worse. Needless to say, I didn't make it to the Y last week due to the inclement weather and today was a torturous session!!!

So, here we week before March and it's still pretty darn cold. But I'm hopeful that we'll see some warmer temps soon! Till then, I'll daydream about putting my toes in the ocean and stalk all the Instagram accounts from Australia:)

Have a great week!

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