What's cooking? {Trader Joe's Penne Arriabiata}

What's cooking? {Trader Joe's Penne Arriabiata}

Sorry for the lack of posts the past week. I've been dealing with a rather irksome dental issue for the past 2 weeks and it came to a head last week. People, don't not go to the dentist regularly. No matter how much you hate it or are scared of it....GO. I'll admit here that I hadn't been in over 10 years and I have payed the price for that. I had to have 2 teeth extracted this past Thursday and Friday and it's not been fun. The first tooth came out Thursday but the second was so "hot" with nerve endings that I ended up having to go to an oral surgeon on Friday and be IV sedated. I was petrified, having never been put under before. But I'll say this...it's the way to go! The "laughing gas" didn't affect me but as soon as they inserted the IV the room started to get wavy and I remember saying out loud "whoa, that I feel!" Next thing I knew my sister was in the room and it was done. I seriously do not remember a single freaking thing about the extraction! It's amazing!!!!!!

So today I thought I'd be recovered enough to enjoy some pasta! I'm still kinda wiped out so this is Trader Joe's frozen Penne Arriabiata to which I added some heirloom tomatoes and parmesan cheese. It was delicious, but alas....a little too spicy for this soon after surgery:/ So I froze the remaining pasta and will re-heat it next week maybe. I moved onto chocolate ice cream for dessert and all was well:)

I hope you have a fabulous week ahead! It's only a 4 day workweek for me because of July 4th so that's a plus! I'll be spending the 4th with friends at a cook-out so look for a new "What's Cooking?" post next week on that! Meanwhile....stay cool and stay blessed;)


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