What's cookin?!? {shrimp & hummus wraps}

What's cookin?!? {shrimp & hummus wraps}

Hello lovies! Have you had a good weekend? I hope so....now we have to start a new week all over again! Today's post is going to be pretty quick. It's all about leftovers and what we can do with them. I know that for me...being single...there's a lot of food left over sometimes. And chances are good that it will get pushed to the back of the fridge and weeks later I'll discover a science project growing in there:/ Not pretty. So I'm trying to either cook smaller portions or thinking ahead as to how I can incorporate two meals out of one before I even start cooking.

Two weeks ago I posted a recipe I found on Pinterest for spicy shrimp & avocado salad. It was the bomb.com!!! But there was a lot of shrimp left in the end....so the next day I made shrimp wraps with red pepper hummus. Ohhhh my! Yumm-O!!! My love for Sabra red pepper hummus is huge. I could eat it on pretty much anything. I'll definitely keep the company in business. So that was the second ingredient in these wraps. And in an effort to try to eat healthier...I've recently discovered edamame beans and am pretty addicted. So, enjoy! Just pack in the hummus, edamame, shrimp, cucumber and lettuce and eat away:)

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