2014-05-24_0001 2014-05-24_0002 2014-05-24_0003 2014-05-24_0004 2014-05-24_0005 2014-05-24_0006 2014-05-24_0007 2014-05-24_0008 2014-05-24_0009 2014-05-24_0010 2014-05-24_0011 2014-05-24_0012 2014-05-24_0013 2014-05-24_0014 2014-05-24_0015 2014-05-24_0016 2014-05-24_0017 2014-05-24_0018 2014-05-24_0019It's peony season and I couldn't be happier! I've loved these flowers forever and always try to have them in the house each season! My Mom lives in NC and she has a peony bush in her garden and I'm always a little jealous that she gets them for free! Cause Lord knows they are not the cheapest purchase in the flower world now, are they?!?! But it doesn't matter....because the beauty and joy they bring me and my home {and my office assistants, ahem!} is immeasurable. I'll gladly eat a few PB&J sandwiches for a week, just to enjoy them!

I hope you are having a beautiful holiday weekend. My plans for Sunday are church, a walk around the Hague and then a good book a lazy morning nursing a headache and then Godzilla in a cool theater;) {I think God will forgive me;} Monday will be spent with my sister at the oceanfront soaking up some much needed vitamin D :)

Stay Blessed,


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