Oranges & Lemons Oh Myyyy!!!

Oranges & Lemons Oh Myyyy!!!

2014-04-28_0001 2014-04-28_0002 2014-04-28_0003 2014-05-04_0002 2014-05-04_0004 2014-05-04_0005 2014-05-04_0006 2014-05-04_0007 2014-05-04_0008 2014-05-04_0009 2014-05-04_0010 2014-05-04_0011Last weekend I had a an urge to do some still life photography and here's what I came up with! It was raining outside and just plain old gloomy. These bright oranges and lemons lifted my mood considerably!! You can see that I had a little helper in the kitchen for this shoot;) He always wants to be up in the middle of whatever is going on....Mr. Curious for sure!

Hoping you've had a good weekend, here comes Monday whether we want it or not right? Remember, when handed lemons, make lemonade....

Stay blessed,


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