Saturday In The Kitchen....

Saturday In The Kitchen....

2014-03-09_0001 2014-03-09_0002 2014-03-09_0003 2014-03-09_0004 2014-03-09_0005 2014-03-09_0006 2014-03-09_0007 2014-03-09_0008 2014-03-09_0009 2014-03-09_0010Yesterday I found myself craving cherry pie....again. My love for this pie is much so that I'm willing to manipulate a single pre-made pie crust and can of cherries into a mini-pie! (How many times can I use the word pie in this post?!) So, I pushed to the back of the cabinet and found my small spring-form cheesecake pan and thought "Hmm....I think this will work!" And whaddya did! Perfect size for dessert last night and a sweet treat this afternoon:) Of course, my souse chefs had to oversee the whole thing, while basking in the warm sunshine!

Have a great week everyone & stay blessed,


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