The Roggmann:Beale Family {Christmas Portraits}

The Roggmann:Beale Family {Christmas Portraits}

2013-12-22_0001 2013-12-22_0002 2013-12-22_0005 2014-01-01_0001 2014-01-01_0002 2014-01-01_0003 2014-01-01_0004 2014-01-01_0005It's  a new year....but I'm not ready to let go of the Christmas season quite yet! I was thrilled to shoot two family sessions over the Christmas holidays, with two families that are near and dear to my heart<3 Today, it's all about my best friend Courtney and her husband Mike...along with her parents and three fabulous fur babies!

I hope you took time this season to either have a fun holiday session with a photographer or captured your own beautiful memories! And please, don't leave them on the camera or on social media only. Print! Print! Print! Get those images to a professional lab like Mpix and display them proudly. You will appreciate the effort and smile each time you look back on your beautiful moments!

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