On being grateful in 2014...

On being grateful in 2014...

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I have a lot of resolutions for the new year swimming around my head, as I'm sure you do too. It's that time of the year ya know? And inevitably I will not succeed at all of them. It's just how it usually rolls! But one thing I'm determined to be this year is more grateful. Whether it's the little things like seeing a butterfly land on a flower or big stuff like great accomplishment at work...I want to be hyper aware of these moments.

I saw this from a friend on Instagram a few weeks ago. She and her husband started a gratitude jar and once a week, starting in January, they would write down one thing that they were grateful for. Then it went into the jar, sealed tight and on New Years Eve they opened the jar and read the little notes. Realizing that even through this stuff called life....there are always going to be beautiful moments in the day-to-day:) We just have to stop and realize them.

So here's to 2014 and all the lovely moments which are yet to happen! Come back next January and I'll post the 52 notes I left for myself!

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