Christmas in Virginia....

Christmas in Virginia....

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Most of the time, we travel to NC for Christmas. This year, the parents came to VA and Katie and Tim hosted their first "married" Christmas at their home. It was so nice. So nice not to travel for once and so nice to have a very laid back, comfortable and cozy weekend:) The food was delish, the presents were lovely and the pups kept us laughing the whole time!!

Then, I got sick:/ I wasn't surprised, and I'm very thankful that it all happened while I was off from work for 5 straight days! I'd been feeling a little sore throat and some sniffles leading up to the holiday, but pretty much ignored it. Until Christmas Eve. That's when I knew. You just know that your body is not 100% and you better go get some Ricolas and Mucinex!!! Thankfully it has pretty much passed without much more than a day in bed chased by hot soup, tea and kitty snuggles! I was even able to take down the tree yesterday. Although it looks like I've committed a crime in my apartment and there's a body-bag to prove it!!!

Today, it's 60* and the sun is shining and all the presents are put away and I'm starting to think about what 2014 has in store for me. Last year was about figuring out if I wanted to pursue this and I took time off to get my ish together! I'm super excited to be taking my little business into new territories this year. Starting with this shiny, new blog! Expect to see a few changes in the coming weeks. Primarily the transfer of my domain name over here and a new header!

I do hope that you've had a beautiful holiday season. Thanks for taking the time to come here and view mine. It was quiet...and that was a very, very good thing!

Stay blessed and have a VERY Happy New Year!!!


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